Pratibha (Pat) Naidu, a successful business owner from durban, now residing in the United Kingdom. Her hair and beauty Spa (Spoil Yourself) situated on the bluff have been running for over 10 years. She has now expanded her business into the United Kingdom. A successful business woman, entrepreneur, mother, wife, sister and granma silently fighting diabetes.


Pat was diagnosed with diabetes and has been living with diabetes for over 5 years. A difficult lifestyle of having to inject yourself with insulin to try keep your sugar levels low. In the 5 years her chronic condition never seemed to get better as she gradually made her way to 5 prescribed injections. Weightloss, fatigue and diet restrictions became a lifestyle to her, one she didnt like per say, but had no choice but to endure so that she could live another day.


About a year ago, her condition got worse as she was diagnosed with early stages of kidney disease. She could handle the pain and difficulties of diabetes but kidney disease became too much of a burden, with the dreaded journey of dialysis lurking. One can imagine the heartache and tension in the household after this news and only prayer brought some calmness in the family.


Through prayer, Pats husband went to a chiropractor whom advised on a product that she could try. A product not known in the market, but through the Dr’s network of friends he had been told about. She travelled all the way to Capetown, Chris Barnard hospital looking for it. This product was Bovine Colostrum. She found a doctor whom was performing open wound experiments with Colostrum and enquired about it. She further researched the company and found that it was a legit pharmaceutical supplement, that recaliberates the body, decreasing inflammation, that seals the gut and boosts the immune system.


After trying many products on the market religiously she thought she would give New Image Bovine colostrum a try, she had nothing to lose anyways. The company advised that she the product at least 3months to see a change in her overall body, and body performance. She did just that.


Still on her insulin, she supplemented with colostrum alpha liphid lifeline powder and after 2 and a half months, all alone at home she felt faint and decided to check her sugar levels.

Her sugar reading was 3.7, for the very first time a one digit. She was so happy she ook a picture and sent it to her family. Her son being doctor immediately called her and asked if she was ok and that he was on his way, she must eat an apple meanwhile. Not being aware that her sugar was now at the otherside of dangerous.

Her sugar was monitored that night and before her meal she once again checked her read and ……


Her son advised that she takes no insulin for the night and she will check again the next morning. Scared at the thought of not taking her medication as prescribed by her doctor for the very first time in 5 years, she said a prayer and slept. On her reading the next morning …..

She had stabilised to 5.6. That was the last day she took medicine and from that day she has never stopped taking colostrum. Her kidney disease reversed, her eyesight improved, her energy levels were boosted, and her muscle tissue strenghthened.


Her friends and family were shocked and surprised at the difference they were seing in her and asked how she was keeping so healthy. From there she was inspired to share her story with not ony friends and family but the whole world.


She has dedicated her time and efforts to making people aware that there is a solution in health care, there is help for our medical problems. She has traveled around around the world learning more about colostrum, helping people with lupus, gout, psorosis, autistic children, obesity and many more. Today she is the very first Diamond recognised by New Image international in Africa.


Her story is not only inspirational to all individuals, nomatter your colour or creed, but also bring back hope and value in alll our lifes….


Thank you Mrs Pratibha Naidu


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